Your Bathroom Remodel Part 3: The Keys to a Successful Remodel

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This is the last post in our series on bathroom remodels. Today’s post includes tips and advice about how to make your bathroom remodel project run as smoothly as possible.

Planning and Preparation

A bathroom remodel is a major undertaking, and it can be very unsettling to your lifestyle. But you can limit the disruption and chaos if you plan and prepare properly.

The first order of business is to make sure that you have your building materials chosen and ordered before construction begins. This is very important because neither you nor your building crew is going to be very happy if you have to suddenly stop work on the project because a crucial material is back-ordered and doesn’t arrive on time. You should also have a weather-safe place to store your materials during the construction process.

A second vital aspect of your bathroom remodel planning and preparation is scheduling. Start by working out a plan that defines what time workers will begin and end work each day. Remember that the average bathroom remodel takes six weeks to complete, so make sure it’s a schedule that you’ll be able to live with for at least that long. Then, determine whether you have the time to be on-site during those hours to oversee construction. And, if not, figure out who will be available to answer any questions that may arise.  

Since your bathroom is going to be unusable during much of the construction process, you should also plan for how you’re going to take care of your needs during that time. Do you have a second bathroom available in your home, or will you have to arrange for temporary facilities?

Finishing Up and Following Up

When you’re reaching completion on your bathroom remodel, it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to find some defects that need to be corrected. In most cases, these will be minor flaws like small scratches or dents. In any case, you don’t need to worry, you just need to list all the things that need fixing in a document called a “punch list” and get it to your contractor as soon as possible. This fine-tuning at the end of a project is a normal part of the remodeling process, and your contractor will make sure that everything is corrected before the job is complete.

And don’t forget to save all the contracts, receipts, warranties and product information related to your bathroom remodel. You’ll not only know how to care for your new products and materials, you’ll also know how to proceed in the case of a product or material failure.  

That brings us to the end of this post and the end of our series on bathroom remodels. We hope you found the series informative. If you have any bathroom remodel questions that weren’t answered in this series, please let us know.

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  1. My wife and I want to remodel our bathroom next year, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how the average bathroom remodel takes about 6 weeks. We’ll be sure to come up with a schedule so the contractor and crew can stay on track.

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