Choosing Kitchen Cabinets Part 4 – Door Styles

This is the fourth in our ongoing series of posts about choosing kitchen cabinets. Today’s post will delve into the different styles of doors available for kitchen cabinets.

When considering a door style, you need to think about whether your kitchen’s design will be traditional, transitional or contemporary. Traditional kitchen cabinets typically include door styles that are classic and elegant with intricate details. Contemporary kitchen designs call for doors that are simpler, with minimal detail and sharp, clean lines. While transitional kitchens incorporate doors that blend the classic feel of traditional with the modern feel of contemporary.

In general, there are three types of kitchen cabinet door styles: raised panel, recessed panel, and slab. Each of these styles provides its own distinctive quality to a kitchen design.

Raised Panel Doors

By far, the most popular style of kitchen cabinet door is the raised panel door. These doors have a raised center panel with a surrounding profile or contour. Because they both catch light and cast shadows, these raised areas give the door a feeling of depth. Raised panel doors offer a very wide variety of profiles to choose from, and they work well with both traditional and transitional style kitchens.

Example of a raised panel cabinet door

Recessed Panel Doors

Recessed panel doors feature door fronts with flat center panels and raised stiles and rails. (Shaker style doors are a good example of a recessed panel style door.) Because of their clean, classic lines, recessed panel doors work well with both transitional and contemporary kitchen designs.

Example of a recessed panel cabinet door

Slab Doors

Slab doors are flat, with no surrounding frame. One piece of wood comprises the entire door. This modern, minimalist style (sometimes called European style) door is most suitable for use in contemporary and transitional kitchen designs.

Example of a slab style cabinet door

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